The official website for the band Aloft, and their debut album Closer To Nowhere, Billy Mrak - guitars and vocals, Todd Brasseur - drums, guitar, Closer To Nowhere, Aloft,  







                                                           The axis of my plight

                                                           Reflected far from here

                                                           My world within a dream

                                                           Leer from a fishbowl sight



                                                           Iíve seen all your colours

                                                           In a world dressed in white

                                                           Keep searching for feelings

                                                           That youíll never find

                                                           In your mind


                                                           Magneto tinted sky

                                                           Illuminate this sphere

                                                           The clouds cover the view

                                                           Conceals the tears you cry




                                                           A moment lost in time

                                                           Gravitate me near

                                                           Iím tilted from your gaze

                                                           And sparkle as I glide