The official website for the band Aloft, and their debut album Closer To Nowhere, Billy Mrak - guitars and vocals, Todd Brasseur - drums, guitar, Closer To Nowhere, Aloft,  





                                                                Sea Of Tranquility   


                                                                     Floating in sound

                                                                     My body drifts around

                                                                     Shadowy sky

                                                                     Luna pulls on my mind



                                                                    How high the moon

                                                                    Itís casting shadows on 

                                                                    the tide

                                                                    Like diamonds in your 



                                                                    Sea horses crown

                                                                    While surf comes 

                                                                    crashing down

                                                                    Fighting for breath

                                                                    Float weightless in the 





                                                                    Never wanted to be this high

                                                                    No more colours are in my sight

                                                                    Echoís are tranquil

                                                                    In a sea of harmony


                                                                    Mermaids ground

                                                                    Sonic booms distant howl

                                                                    Manís quest in time

                                                                    Slowly passing us by