TThe official website for the band Aloft, and their debut album Closer To Nowhere, Billy Mrak - guitars and vocals, Todd Brasseur - drums, guitar, Closer To Nowhere, Aloft,


               Aloft wishes to thank the following individuals or companies

                                          that have helped us along the way,


                           Dave Cowles; GHS Strings

                           Brent "Sensai" McDonald; McDonald Production

                           Robert "Plucky" Henderson; Tech Support, Web design

                           Jodie Mrak; Photography, Graphic Design


                    Aloft uses  Fender Guitars and Amplifiers, Epiphone Guitars, VOX Amplifiers,

                                                                       GHS Strings, Kurzweil Synthesizers, Ovation Guitars,

                                                         G&L Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Ibanez Guitars and Effects