The official website for the band Aloft, and their debut album Closer To Nowhere, Billy Mrak - guitars and vocals, Todd Brasseur - drums, guitar, Closer To Nowhere, Aloft,  







A stutter over the evening news

A pack of pistol generated blues

Thatís focused on our doom

A look at all our human traits

Yet we question why weíre in a strain

If only maybe weíd use our brains



You say itís easier

To act the part in someone elseís mind

I think Iím dizzy from

This universe that tries to pull me down

And so I have to say

Until we change

Itís time for me to fly


How did we ever get this far

To view this world from someone elseís star

Stay in your own backyard

Who thinks out loud for everyone

And who decides on everything we love

Your storyís overdone




Before we know it the buttonís down

The biggest rock thrown at some

hardened ground

Nobody make a sound

Batten down your strongest might

And brace yourself for ever endless night

Extinguished speed of light