The official website for the band Aloft, and their debut album Closer To Nowhere, Billy Mrak - guitars and vocals, Todd Brasseur - drums, guitar, Closer To Nowhere, Aloft,  









                                                                     A good time feelingís

                                                                     Come over me

                                                                     All Iíve witnessed

                                                                     Is plain to see

                                                                     Barkeep send down another glass

                                                                     All these stories are built to last



                                                                    You canít see inside of me

                                                                    You canít sell your harmony

                                                                    Cause itís just a show

                                                                    And Iím a cameo


                                                                   Jet set people love powdered gems

                                                                   Grind their sorrows down to the end

                                                                   Revolution is what we need

                                                                   Hereís to generation X, Y, and peeved




                                                                  Wait a minute now

                                                                  Letís open up this place

                                                                  Tear it up somehow

                                                                  Till we fall on our face


                                                                  Disillusion is not my style

                                                                  All the history says that weíre wild

                                                                  Running backwards with blinders on

                                                                  Voice of reason has gone abound