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Todd Brasseur, born and raised in

Michigan, now resides in Chicago,  

where he attends Columbia College  

earning  a degree in “sound 

re-enforcement”. Todd’s contribution 

to Aloft is a varied one. He is the 

driving backbeat of the  band with his 

explosive playing style on the drum 

kit. “Keeping a balance of sounds is

important in my style of playing. 

During rehearsals I may change my 

pattern several times just to find the 

right wash of vibrations and swell” 

says Todd. Aloft band member, 

Billy Mrak  says, Todd’s style of 

playing is… a bit loud, yet always on 

the mark. Todd is a great drummer 

because he approaches the

instrument as a melody maker 

“Indeed, Todd has a sense of flair 

when it comes to assembling sounds. 

“I would say that I am first and 

foremost a guitar player, though I 

have had some training on piano.

I have been in a couple of band’s prior

to Aloft where I was only a lead 

player. I think that’s what got me into

practicing the drums, a sense of

challenge to do something different, 

and as far as my drumming goes,

wanted to make it not just a time 

keeper but an expression to the song.”

Todd also plays his guitar on the 

Aloft album as well. “My setup is 

pretty simple, I play an American 

made Fender Stratocaster, G+L 

ASAT Z-3, I have an Epiphone Les Paul, 

Danelectro12-sting with three 

lipstick pick-ups, and an Epiphone 

Reissue Es-295 with a Bigsby Tremelo 

and P-90 pickups. I use a Fender 65 

Twin Reverb amp and cycle through a 

POD unit and use an E-Bow on the 

track “Yellow Light. “ 

You can hear Todd playing his

Stratocaster on the track Dizzy.

“I was really going for a heavy

compressed sound for the solo, 

obviously there is a huge Pink Floyd 

style to that track and I love the 

work that Gilmore has done. 

The challenge was to find the sound, 

but play as I would, you know. 

Nobody wants to listen to a band 

that sounds exactly like another. 

The other challenge to that piece 

was finding a smooth build during my 

solo in which the guitar phrase 

would take the listener higher and 

higher almost like an intoxicating 

effect.” On the track“ Cameo” Todd 

played what the band called

“Chicken Scratch” which was his 

tribute to the country pickers of 

yesterday like Les Paul and 

Chet Atkins, and then, infused his 

taste for the jazz guitarist

Wes Montgomory to give that extra

sparkle. “The first time I heard Billy

play “Cameo” to me, I knew what 

direction to go, and part of the 

reason I enjoy working in Aloft is the 

freedom I have to contribute. I am 

excited to begin work on the next 

album and believe that our sound

is ever evolving to compliment our