The official website for the band Aloft, and their debut album Closer To Nowhere, Billy Mrak - guitars and vocals, Todd Brasseur - drums, guitar, Closer To Nowhere, Aloft,       




Billy Mrak was born and raised in

Michigan .The principal songwriter 

in the band Aloft, Billy has been a 

practicing musician for the last 

fifteen years, yet has never been 

involved in a project as large in 

scale as Aloft. “I have always 

wanted to make music since a young 

child, I was exposed to a lot of 

great music growing up and can bet I 

was the only kid who would listen to

Pink Floyd’s "Animals" album before 

afternoon kindergarten began” 

laughs Billy. “I have been aching to 

get a project going for quite some 

time and actually Aloft almost 

didn’t happen. During the initial talk 

with Todd I didn’t know if he knew 

how serious I was about just the two 

of us doing everything, and truth be 

told I was a bit afraid of the huge 

undertaking it would be. Once we had 

a few jam sessions I realized there 

was a spark, however, I wanted to 

still make sure Todd was having the 

same notion. You see it has nothing 

to do with ego, music is about pure 

bliss. If I don’t get the surge of 

emotion and charge out of creation 

it simply can’t move forward. As we 

continued Todd could feel the same 

emotions and was ready to form a 

partnership. And so from that point 

Aloft was born and the concept of 

“Closer To Nowhere” emerged.

“Yeah, That was a difficult time in my 

life, says Mrak, a lot stuff was out 

there. My wife found out she was 

pregnant as we watched the Twin  

Towers  fall on TV., all my friends 

were moving into different 

directions and I was dealing with the 

effects that time has on people and 

relationships. I was doing a lot of 

observation like many were during 

that period. So what was born out of

the questions was a postcard of how

I felt and I delivered it in song.” 

Aloft: to be propelled into motion, 

or to rise and float; and 

“Closer To Nowhere”: to move in a 

direction that may be uncertain, the 

crossroads of life. “Billy has a 

unique style about him, 

(says Brasseur) we would be working 

on a piece of music and he may 

mention a feeling or action as 

direction on how to play at that 

part. “How do you play like a sunrise” 

I say, and he will then try to explain 

himself. As far as his lyrics and 

ideas: I don’t think he honestly tried 

to write a concept album, it just

happened that way with all the 

questions he had.” Mrak” Yeah I’m 

sure at times I can be quite directive, 

it’s just my nature. Like the music I 

wanted everything to flow like sand, 

each grain embedding itself in ones’ 

psyche. I know this sounds cliché, 

I wanted the listener to go on a 

journey into something real". Much 

of today’s music is about material

issues and sexual escapades. Can’t 

pop music have a sense of 

sophistication anymore?” 

Of all the uncertainties that seem 

to consume the thoughts of 

Billy Mrak one thing is certain and 

that is his pursuit in making Aloft as 

real as the life that surrounds him.